By the time you’re a grown-up woman (say, 35 years old) you will have spent about 10,000 days of your life pleasing other people and workin' your little tush off.

How about taking 5 days to press ‘pause’ and nurture your soul while you connect with your deeper desires, your purpose, and other soul sisters, each of us on a mission to bring more pleasure to every area of our lives.

Because we all know that more pleasure turns into more joy, and when you increase your joy you increase your bank account, and that means you’re going to have an even bigger impact. (While having a heck of a good time!)

And how about makin’ it happen in absolute paradise — and bringing your business along for the ride?

Ladies: pack your swimsuits, bring an open heart, and something delicious to read on the beach — and circle February 26th to March 3rd on your calendar.

Because here’s where we’re going…

ready lovely?

The Pleasure Retreat with Allison Braun, Cortnee Loren Brown & Heather Pennell
12 women. 3 teachers. 6 days of business-altering bliss.
February 26 - March 3, 2015
Yelapa, Mexico

Our theme for 2015?

Connect. Create. Boost your {business} libido.
You’ll return home feeling turned on + excited to take action, action, action — while staying in that dreamy retreat-mode, where everything feels easy + expansively possible.

Your Hosts

Allison Braun | The {Business} Joyologist.
As a former successful sex + intimacy coach who’s reinvented herself as a business strategist, Allison believes that sexual energy + creative energy are one and the same — and after a few days of libido-boosting experiences with her, you’ll believe it, too.

Cortnee Loren Brown | The Yoga-tographer.
Cortnee is a highly-credentialed photographer + yoga instructor, with more degrees, certifications + training tidbits than you can shake a stick at. She has a rare gift for guiding women out of self-consciousness, nervousness + protective shielding into pure, radiant expression. And her photos? Daaaamn.

Heather Pennell | Brand Visionary and Photo Mantra Extraordinaire.
Heather elevates everything she touches — portrait shoots become Photo Mantras, and branding strategy sessions become spiritual awakenings. If you’ve ever looked at your headshots, your website, your sales language or your blog, and thought, that’s just not really ... me, prepare to discover the real you and express it. At last!


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I honestly had no idea how important it would be to my work and my career, to have the type of high quality image that Heather offers. I was skeptical at first, and didn’t really think it would make much of a difference, but let me tell you! Since working with Heather, my entire presentation has undergone a major and much needed upgrade. The entire look and feel of my website has been enhanced, and I am able to present my work in a way that reflects class, elegance, and it’s true value. I have these amazing photographs to send out for interviews and media appearances, and it has just taken my work to a whole new level of success.

Heather is amazingly gifted in her craft, and has a fun and creative flair for bringing out the unique expression of each person. This was one of the best investments of my career, and I am so very grateful that I had the opportunity to receive the benefit of her magic! If you are undecided, I encourage you to take the leap, it will be worth it in every way imaginable!


I hired Allison because I was looking for help gathering the structure, nuts and bolts and foundation for my business and more clarity on my vision. I was very mindful that I wanted to work with someone I felt aligned with, as I am a woman who wants to do business in the most soul-full way for me. In the last 3 months I have doubled my rates, published my first website, facebook page and blog. I have worked with 7 new high-end clients and have such a delight and ease with my business from finding the clarity I needed and getting the foundation in place... and I am having more fun than I ever thought I would!

Sandy Dow